22Days Enlightened Pumpkinseed Protein Bar Box of 12

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Why are pumpkins always grinning? Pumpkin seeds contain L-tryptophan perfect for a positive mood. Hemp is great for brain health and contains all the amino acids our bodies need to build muscle. Brains, brawn, and blissfulness that'll light anyone up!

22Days Enlightened Pumpkinseed Protein Bar Box of 12

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Sunflower Seed Butter –Get a boost!

Athletes enjoy eating sunflower seeds because they provide a supply of protein and carbohydrates that maintain energy levels while training or competing. The seeds can also stimulate the liver to release glycogen into the bloodstream, which provides an additional boost of energy.

Major BBBrain Food!

The number one source for vitamin B is sunflower seeds. Clinical tests show that people with adequate levels of the B Complex Vitamin Riboflavin do well on memory exams. Plus, Sunflower seeds can actually have a calming effect on your brain due to high levels of tryptophan contained within the seeds, which increases your brain's production of serotonin (a neurotransmitter). High levels of serotonin reduce tension, creating a relaxing effect.

Pumpkins tend to smile.

Pumpkin seeds are very high in protein so they make an ideal addition to a vegan or vegetarian diet. 1/4 cup of pumpkin seeds contains about 10 grams of protein and only 180 calories. They also contain zinc, essential fatty acids, magnesium, iron, fiber and L-tryptophan. L-tryptophan is a known mood-booster – no wonder pumpkins are always grinning! Men especially benefit from eating pumpkin seeds because the high zinc levels are shown to protect the prostate. For the best nutritional value, eat them raw as opposed to roasted.


We all know we want protein to help build muscle, repair tissues, and produce hormones to regulate the body. One great source is hemp, which is composed of an impressive 33% protein and is easily digestible! Hemp contains all of the essential amino acids, and essential fatty acids with the perfect ratio of omega 3 and 6. In addition, there have been no reports of hemp allergies- so introduce your body to this fantastic source of nutrition.

Amino Acids Aplenty

The protein in hemp is considered one of the most complete sources of amino acids – containing all 21 types. This includes the 9 amino acids that our bodies cannot produce naturally. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, which is vital to the chemical processes that sustain life.

Enlightened Pumpkinseed

cherry logo Enlightened Pumpkinseed is a deliciously smooth tasting protein nutrition bar created to enrich your body with the kind of ingredients that have positive effects on your overall health. You’d be hard pressed to find another vegan nutrition bar that has so much goodness without any gluten or soy. Plus, Enlightened Pumpkinseed is a dairy free nutrition bar that’s part of the 22Days Challenge designed to keep you eating, exercising and living healthy everyday.

Nut butter Buddha is the perfect dairy free nutrition bar that enriches your body without the use of gluten or soy like some of the other organic breakfast bars on the market. All of our protein nutrition bars deliver what your body needs leaving out foods that can you slow down, or irritate your ability to digest the nutrition you need-Delivering an overall sense of well-being.


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Enlightened Pumpkinseed - Nutrition